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5 Small Chest Of Drawers Makeovers

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I love finding small chests of drawers. They can be used in so many spaces and can be made over to fit any style of home. Over the years, I have come across many of these pieces and just recently picked up three in one weekend. I am putting together 10 small chest of drawers makeovers in this post to inspire your next flip. These makeovers are pretty straightforward and can be done by beginners and seasoned furniture flippers. 

5 Small Chests Of Drawers Makeovers

When I found this piece, the door was broken in half. That didn’t stop me from rescuing it.

Right before I got this piece, I had just got my paint order delivered.

When I get new paint colors to try, it is like a kid getting a new box of crayons. I want to try all the colors right away. I always have pieces to paint, but sometimes, I want to find the perfect one to use certain colors on.

When I received this color in my order, I couldn’t wait to get it open and use it on this chest of drawers.

I started this makeover…

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Antique Chest Of Drawers Makeover

When you shop at yard sales, LOOK AT EVERYTHING.

Don’t just browse around the things on the tables, but look at the tables themselves.

That is how I found the wooden chest of drawers below. It DID NOT look like this at all. It was in ROUGH shape.

The top of it was filled with stuff for sale. Filled!!! I asked the guy at the sale if the chest below all the stuff was for sale and he replied, “Yes, is $10 okay?”


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These small chest of drawers makeovers can be done by beginners and seasoned flippers. They are easy ideas to inspire your next project.

Wooden Chest Of Drawers Makeover

I picked it up at a yard sale.

Still to this day, when I am approaching a yard sale and see an amazing piece from the street, I can’t get out of the van fast enough to check it out.

This was one of those pieces.

The top did not make me so happy when I found it.

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These small chest of drawers makeovers can be done by beginners and seasoned flippers. They are easy ideas to inspire your next project.

Small Chest Of Drawers Makeover

I found this small chest at an estate sale. The size was perfect and it was in great condition. The only problem was the top. 

The top has some water stains and water damage. The veneer was peeling off. I took the first layer of veneer off the top with a small putty knife.

I thought I still had one more layer of veneer that I could peel off and still have a top on the piece.


What I thought was my last layer of veneer was actually the remaining top of the small chest. Oops!

Oh well, we have done many makeovers where we had to get creative with a new top. This was another one to add to the list. 

no top

Small Chest Makeover With No Top

This DIY Commode Makeover is a great example of how easy some furniture makeovers can be by just cleaning, painting, and glazing.

This piece did not need any repairs.

It was in great condition.

It could not sell as it was so I decided to try a paint color I have never used before.

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Commode Makeover

DIY Commode Makeover

I hope these small chests of drawer makeovers have inspired you and your next project. These pieces are so special and I will always grab them when I see them.

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These small chest of drawers makeovers can be done by beginners and seasoned flippers. They are easy ideas to inspire your next project.

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