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Thrift Haul 8: Decor Items

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In this thrift haul 8, I am sharing items I picked up at thrift stores and yard sales this week and how I use these items to decorate my home.

I am so excited to share another thrift haul with you today! These items were either picked up at a yard sale or a thrift store. In Iowa, we don’t have yard sale season all year so when they are in season, I love to head out when I have time to see what I can find. So, grab your virtual shopping bag and join me as we explore the eclectic assortment of items that have found their way into my possession. 

Thrift Haul 8:

Thrift Haul 8:

  • Basket:

I am starting this thrift haul 8 with this basket. Vintage wire baskets can be incredibly versatile and add a touch of charm and character to your home decor. Here are some creative ideas on how to incorporate them into your interior design:

  1. Storage and Organization: Utilize the wire basket as a practical storage solution. Place it in your entryway to store hats, scarves, or mail. In the kitchen, use it to hold fresh fruits and vegetables or as a unique way to organize kitchen utensils or spices. In the bathroom, it can serve as a stylish holder for towels, toiletries, or even rolled-up magazines.
  2. Display Centerpiece: Fill the wire basket with decorative items to create an eye-catching centerpiece. Arrange a selection of potted plants, succulents, or flowers for a rustic garden-inspired display. Alternatively, use it to hold a collection of vintage books, antique bottles, or colorful fabric rolls for a captivating visual focal point.
  3. Linen and Laundry Storage: Place a vintage wire basket in your laundry room or bedroom to neatly store folded linens, blankets, or pillows. It adds a touch of vintage flair while keeping your textiles easily accessible and visually appealing.
  4. Plant Holder: Transform the wire basket into a plant holder or planter. Line the basket with a plastic liner or burlap fabric, add some potting soil, and plant your favorite flowers or herbs. Hang it on a patio or porch for a charming display or place it near a sunny window indoors for a touch of greenery.


  • Ironstone Pitcher:

An ironstone pitcher is a timeless piece that can effortlessly elevate your home decor. Here are a few delightful ways to incorporate this classic treasure into your design:

  1. Floral Showcase: Transform your ironstone pitcher into a stunning flower vase. It’s elegant shape and neutral color make it the perfect vessel for showcasing fresh blooms. Place it as a centerpiece on your dining table or adorn a sideboard or mantel with a bouquet of your favorite flowers. The pitcher’s vintage charm will instantly add a touch of grace and natural beauty to any room.
  2. Kitchen Charm: Use the ironstone pitcher as a charming utensil holder in your kitchen. Fill it with wooden spoons, spatulas, and other cooking essentials, creating an organized and stylish display on your countertop. The pitcher’s classic design will infuse your kitchen with a hint of nostalgia and rustic elegance.
  3. Beverage Server: Embrace the pitcher’s functionality by using it to serve refreshing drinks. Fill it with homemade lemonade, iced tea, or infused water, and place it on a beverage station or during gatherings with friends and family. The ironstone pitcher’s presence will lend a touch of sophistication to your drink presentation.
  4. Decorative Accent: Make the ironstone pitcher a decorative accent in any room. Display it on a bookshelf, side table, or fireplace mantel as an elegant standalone piece. You can pair it with other vintage items, such as antique books or delicate porcelain figurines, to create a captivating vignette that showcases your love for timeless beauty.
  5. Plant Holder: Transform the ironstone pitcher into a unique plant holder. Fill it with a small potted plant or a bouquet of dried flowers for a touch of greenery. The pitcher’s vintage appeal combined with the natural elements will bring a sense of warmth and tranquility to your living space.


  • Vintage Scissors:

I just love the look of vintage scissors. They aren’t easy to find where I live so when I do, it is always exciting. I stand them up in old floral frogs or in Ironstone pitchers. They are just something unexpected to add to your decor. I always think of all the crafts or projects they have done as well. If they could only tell me all the stores. 

Thrift Haul 8:

  • Hand Painted Milk Glass Piece:

I am always on the hunt for unique pieces to add to our home. This milk glass piece is something I have never seen before. It is hand painted and I love that there are hens on it. If you know anything about what this is or when it was made, let me know. I have tried to research it and I am coming up empty-handed.   

green pitcher

  • Beautiful Vintage Green Pitcher:

I love finding Ironstone pitchers but when I find an old pitcher in a beautiful color like this one, I have to grab it as well.  

Thrift Haul 8:

  • Vintage Paper Cutter:

A vintage paper cutter can be a fascinating and unexpected addition to your home decor. Here are some creative ideas on how to incorporate them into your design:

  1. Wall Art: Transform the vintage paper cutter into a unique piece of wall art. Hang it on the wall as a standalone focal point or create a gallery wall by pairing it with other vintage items or artwork. It’s aged patina and distinctive design will add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your space.
  2. Photo Display: Use the paper cutter as a creative way to showcase your favorite photographs. Clip small pictures onto the cutter’s blade using mini clothespins or binder clips. Hang it on a wall or prop it up on a shelf, allowing the photos to dangle freely. This unconventional photo display will evoke a sense of whimsy and give your space a personalized touch.
  3. Message Board: Turn the vintage paper cutter into a unique message board or memo holder. Attach a small chalkboard, corkboard, or magnetic board to the base of the cutter. Use it to display important reminders, inspirational quotes, or to-do lists. The juxtaposition of old and new elements will create an intriguing visual appeal.
  4. Bookends: Repurpose the vintage paper cutter as decorative bookends. Place it on a shelf or a tabletop, with the blade acting as a sturdy support for your favorite books. The cutter’s industrial aesthetic will add character and visual interest to your book collection.
  5. Tabletop Display/Riser: Incorporate the paper cutter into a tabletop vignette. Pair it with vintage books, an old typewriter, or a collection of antique office supplies. This arrangement will create a nostalgic atmosphere and serve as a conversation starter.

Thrift Haul 8:

  • Vintage Wood Bottle Crate:

I always pick these up. I use these for all kinds of things. When you find one with 24 compartments, they are great to turn into homemade Advent calendars around the holidays. They are also great to put utensils in for a backyard BBQ. You can put treats in cone-shaped servers and put them in the compartments at a party. There are many uses for these wood crates.

Thrift Haul 8:

  • Vintage Peg Rack:

Thrift haul 8 wouldn’t be complete without one of these. A vintage accordion peg rack is a versatile and charming decor item that can bring both functionality and visual appeal to your space.

  1. Entryway Organizer: Mount the accordion peg rack in your entryway to create an organized and stylish space. Hang coats, hats, scarves, and bags on the individual pegs. The vintage charm of the rack will make a welcoming first impression while keeping your entryway neat and tidy.
  2. Jewelry Display: Transform the peg rack into a unique jewelry organizer. Hang necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings on the pegs. The accordion-style design allows you to expand or contract the rack based on your jewelry collection. It not only keeps your accessories organized but also serves as a captivating decorative piece.
  3. Kitchen Utensil Holder: Utilize the accordion peg rack in your kitchen as a functional and decorative utensil holder. Hang cooking utensils, oven mitts, or aprons on the pegs. It adds a vintage touch to your culinary space while keeping your essential tools within easy reach.

Thrift Haul 8:

  • Vintage French Cow Creamer:

I LOVE these! Great to add a plant or to use it as is. 

Now that you have seen the Thrift Haul 8, what is your favorite find? Tell me in the comments!

Sharing this thrift haul 8 has been fun! I share these because I truly want to inspire you to embrace the world of thrift shopping and yard sales. Not only is it a sustainable and budget-friendly way to decorate your home, but it also adds a touch of charm and character to your home that you can’t buy in a retail store.  

I share all of my weekly thrift hauls on my YouTube channel HERE. Head over there to follow along and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss any of them. 

I have also been asked many times if I would sell my finds so I have started a shop page where you can shop my thrifted finds. I launch new items every Wednesday at noon, central time. You can find my shop page HERE


In this thrift haul 8, I am sharing items I picked up at thrift stores and yard sales this week and how I use these items to decorate home.

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