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Supplies Every Furniture Flipper Needs On Hand

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This list of supplies every furniture flipper needs on hand will help make every flip successful and the process a lot easier.

Furniture flipping has evolved for me over the years. As my skills have gotten better and as I have worked with different supplies and products, I have found a list of items that I would not live without when it comes to flipping furniture. These products are things you may not think about when it comes to flipping furniture, but they help so much. 

I went beyond paint and paintbrushes in this post. There are other things that are equally important that I know will make your furniture projects easier. 

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This list of supplies every furniture flipper needs on hand will make every flip successful and the process a lot easier.

Supplies Every Furniture Flipper Needs On Hand


I will not live without this stuff. I have used it on a lot of furniture projects. The dresser above was done with Restor-A-Finish alone. That was all I used. After I got this piece done, I loved it so much that I put it in our bedroom and sold the dresser we were using. To see the project and what the dresser looked like when I got it, head HERE

Oven Cleaner

This may sound weird, but since I have tried it to strip wood, I will also have it on hand. I have used it to strip off a stained finish and I have used it to remove paint. Using oven cleaner is less messy and it doesn’t take the time and elbow grease that traditional stripper does. 

Steel Wool

I keep different grits of steel wool on hand. It is a good supply that helps clean, removes dirt and grime, and helps prep furniture. It worked really well with removing the paint in the oven cleaner project I linked above. 


Palm Brushes

These brushes are great for cleaning. They are also great for using with the oven cleaner method. 

Fine Mist Spray Bottle

If you want to get rid of brush strokes when painting furniture, you need one of these bottles. In this post, find 3 ways to get rid of brush strokes. My favorite way is the fine-mist spray bottle for sure. 



If you want to revive wood on a piece of furniture, you need this. I did an entire library table with this salve alone. It made the piece new again. Find that project HERE

Old Rags

I always have old rags on hand when I am making over furniture pieces. They are needed for spills, excess product, and are just good to have on hand in case you need them. 

These supplies every furniture flipper needs are simple and yet will make your work so much easier!

applicator pads

Applicator Pads

These pads make applying stain so easy. I have used them for applying other things like salve, glaze, and wax as well. 

blue sponge

Blue Sponge

I use the blue sponge for some of the things I mentioned above with the applicator pads. The blue sponge is also great for applying topcoats. The sponge doesn’t leave strokes like you would with a paintbrush application. 

This list of supplies every furniture flipper needs on hand will make every flip successful and the process a lot easier.

Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is good to have on hand if you aren’t comfortable cutting in paint with a paintbrush when painting furniture. It is also good if you are painting different designs/lines on a piece. I have used it as “tabs” on dresser drawers so I can open them after I remove the hardware. It is just one of those supplies every furniture flipper should have on hand. 

Cleaning Products

Cleaning the piece of furniture is the first thing you must do to have a successful flip. This step is crucial for having a smooth makeover every time. I get asked all the time how I clean my pieces and the answer is very simple. I have written an entire blog post about this topic. Head HERE to read all about how to clean a piece of furniture before you prime or paint it. You don’t need fancy cleaning solutions most of the time. Vinegar and water go a long way. There are some pieces I have picked up that needed more, but simple cleaning products are what I use 95% of the time. 

I hope this list helps you with your next flip. Having the right tools on hand before you start a flip makes all the difference. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and needing to stop to get a supply or product. Having a cart or area where all of these supplies are kept will make the flipping process that much easier. 

What are some other products or supplies that you love when flipping furniture?

Do You Want To Make Money Flipping Furniture?

After twenty years of doing this, I am still picking up pieces when I can find them because I love the creative outlet, but I am now coaching other furniture flippers on how to make more money in their business. If you are someone who is looking to start and/or grow a furniture flipping business, I would love to help you. There are ways to make money in your business beyond painting a piece of furniture. Once I learned that, my business flourished. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out on your own. 

To help other flippers, I created The Furniture Flipping Academy! The academy includes everything you need to start, grow, and/or scale a furniture flipping business. It includes courses, resources, templates, social media planner and guide, a private community, and so much more. It will ensure that you are doing the steps that will lead to success and not wasting your time on things that won’t.

You can find all the information about the Furniture Flipping Academy HERE.

Let’s get your business started and/or moving in the right direction. The Furniture Flipping Academy is for any flipper, from beginner to experienced. If your business is stagnant, there is a reason for that. Let me help you grow it into a flipping career that is profitable and fits the lifestyle you want to live.



This list of supplies every furniture flipper needs on hand will make every flip successful and the process a lot easier.

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