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Brush Strokes: 3 Tips For Getting Rid Of Them

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Are you looking for tips to get rid of brushstrokes? Do you want to get rid of brushstrokes when you are painting furniture? If so, I can help! I have flipped furniture for more than 20 years for both our home and to sell and I have learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Seeing brush strokes when you are in the middle of transforming a furniture piece that has so much potential is so frustrating. 

If you are tired of seeing brushstrokes when you are painting furniture, you will want to try these 3 awesome tips for getting rid of brushstrokes.  

Tired of brushstrokes when you paint furniture? Here are 3 easy tips for getting rid of brush strokes when painting furniture every time.

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Tip 1: Eliminate Brush Strokes By Using A Roller After You Brush

This is a good way to get rid of brush strokes after you have applied the paint because it will smooth out the lines that can be leftover from brushing on the paint. All you have to do is run a dry roller over the brushed-on paint to smooth out any stroke lines. You can use the same roller for an entire project. It shouldn’t soak up too much paint as you work over the brushed areas.

For example, you may have brushed on way too much paint in one area, and going over it again and again with the brush will just add more and more brush strokes. The roller will distribute the paint more evenly and it will smooth out the lines. 

Another area where the swipe of the roller comes in handy is around the edges of the piece of furniture. Paint can collect around the edges with a brush and the roller will collect any excess paint and apply the paint in a more even layer. 

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Tip 2: Prevent Brush Strokes By Using A Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Many people will continue to add paint to try and “cover-up” brush strokes. This is the most frustrating cycle. They don’t know that they will get a better result if they just invest in the least expensive tool that every furniture painter should own; a fine mist spray bottle filled with water. I would not paint any piece of furniture without one. It can’t be a regular spray bottle. The fine mist is best for painting furniture because it gives you a more even “all-over” spray.

All you need to do is spray your paintbrush with a little water before you dip it in the paint can. It will help thin the paint out as you apply it. It is my favorite tip for getting rid of brushstrokes. You can also spray the furniture piece itself with the water bottle and then apply the paint over that. Most furniture painters are using chalk-based paint and that paint (along with other paints) can get thick, so a little thinning out helps with brushstrokes so much.

Tip 3: Sanding Can Remove Brush Strokes

Another way to get rid of brush strokes is with light sanding between coats. This is a more time-consuming process and a little more work, but it can get rid of brush strokes. It is a good idea to use softer grit sandpaper for this process. I always suggest starting with a 320 grit sandpaper because you are looking to just smooth out the paint and not really take layers off. You can always work your way to a 280 grit sandpaper if you see the need. I would also use a handheld sander if you can. That way, you have full control over the process and can keep a close eye on the brushstrokes you are trying to get rid of. 

If you go with harsher grit sandpaper and use something like an orbital sander, it can get away from you so fast, and then you are starting over from ground zero. Start with a 320 grit sandpaper and a handheld sander and work your way to a 280 sandpaper if needed.  

Tired of brushstrokes when you paint furniture? Here are 3 easy tips for getting rid of brush strokes when painting furniture every time.

It feels really good when you’re finally able to paint a piece of furniture in half the time. Once you have learned a new tip that is going to make it so much easier and less time-consuming.

Brushstrokes are the worst for furniture flippers, but it does happen. If you will put these tips to work, they will get rid of the brushstrokes in the fastest and most efficient way.

But don’t take my word for it – try them out to see for yourself!

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Tired of brushstrokes when you paint furniture? Here are 3 easy tips for getting rid of brushstrokes when painting furniture every time.

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