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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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This Mother’s Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn’t get for herself.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It is one of those holidays that is sometimes hard to buy for. My mom never asks for anything so I am always trying to come up with ideas for her. I thought it would be fun to create a post of some of my favorite things that my mom has also loved after she tried mine. I added some other ideas in this post as well. Some of these items are more expensive than others. The more expensive items are great to get as a group with siblings if that is an option. I have also added some free gift ideas to this post as well. We have done those things many times over the years as well. I wanted to add many options to this post to give you some options you may not have thought about. 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

{Affiliate links are used in this post. Click on any of the underlined links under the photos to find the products I am talking about. You can read my disclosure HERE.}

This eye massager needs to be on every list for every holiday. It had to be included in this Mother’s Day gift guide. I can’t tell you how much I love this thing. It heats, massages, and plays music. You can have it do all those things or turn them off or only do a few. You can change the massage pressure and motion. Your mom will love this thing. If you don’t have one, add it to your list as well. It is a great way to unplug and relax after a long day. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Eye Massager

This next item is something my mom wanted as soon as she saw ours. My mom loves to do yard work. LOVES IT. It is her exercise, her outlet, her stress-reliever. She has gotten to the point that she can’t mow with her regular push mower any longer. She can’t do the pull string to start it. Waiting for others to do the mowing for her is not her favorite thing. She never wants to be a bother and wants to get things done herself. 

When Matt got this mower last year, she was smitten. It is a self-propelled mower. It runs on batteries and is a push-button start. There is a headlight and it is super quiet. There are no oil changes or gas to ever worry about. That alone makes it a great gift for mom. She doesn’t have to worry about getting those things or having them on hand. There are different models of this mower as well. Matt loves it and so does my mom. Great idea for Mother’s Day. 

See my video of this mower in action HERE

This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.

Ryobi Self-Propelled Electric Mower

I love this weed puller and my mom does too. It makes pulling weeds so easy and you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to do it. I shared how it works in my video HERE. Matt uses this thing all the time around the yard. It is amazing how many more weeds you can pull when it is not hard work and you have a tool that does all the work for you. 😉 

This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.

Stand Up Weed Puller

The can opener! If you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, you may have seen the can opener video I did with my mom. If not, you can get her honest opinion of this can opener for the first time HERE. My mom was having a hard time with her old can opener and needed to find a better solution. I bought a few can openers for her to try in real time on Instagram and hands down, this was her favorite. She will still call me and tell me how easy it is for her to use. This is more than just a can opener. It is a great all-in-one opener for any mom on your list. 

This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.

Can Opener

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know my love for these towels. They are AMAZING!

Here are a few reasons why I love them so much:

  • Super-absorbent

Holding up to 7X its weight in liquid!

  • Fast-drying technology

Keeps your towel fresher, longer!

  • Next-level cleaning

Geoweave™ fabric cleans with fewer chemicals
for a healthier home!

  • Use post-consumer recycled materials
  • The designs are beautiful!!! 

I put my coupon code with the link to these towels below. Your mom will love these. Get some for yourself as well. They now have beach towels, washcloths, napkins, and smaller towels. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I am slightly obsessed and may have too many. I will never buy towels anywhere else. These are that good. Trust me. 

This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.

Geometry Towels (use code creative15 to save on your order) 

If you are like me and my mom, sometimes practical gifts are the best gifts. I love things that will make my chores/work/etc. easier and better. Anything that will make my cleaning routine faster and more efficient is a win-win for me. This brings me to vacuums. It seems like we go through vacuums around here fairly quickly. I have not found a vacuum that really held up well for long. So, I have been on the hunt to find a good one that will do all the things I want it to. I want a vacuum that is a workhorse and there is nothing better than vacuum lines on your rugs, right? 

I found one.

Here are some of the best features of this vacuum:

  • Duo-Clean technology
    A dual-brush roll system designed to deep-clean carpets and directly engage floors for a polished look.
  • Self-cleaning brushroll
    The self-cleaning brushroll removes long hair and pet hair with no hair wrap. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FEATURE! Gabrielle has a lot of hair. No more hair getting wrapped on the vacuum rollers and having to cut them away. I think this ruined our vacuum over time. This won’t happen anymore with this vacuum. It collects in the top and doesn’t wrap around anything!!
  • Lift-Away technology
    Use as an upright vacuum for powerful floor and carpet cleaning. Or for more portability, detach the pod to go into Lift-Away mode to easily clean above-floor areas like furniture and stairs.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology
    Captures dust and particles inside the vacuum and keeps them out of the air that you breathe.
  • Advanced swivel steering
    Easily maneuver your vacuum in and out of tight spaces, in corners, around furniture, and more.
  • XL capacity
    Allows for long cleaning with fewer interruptions to empty the dust cup.
  • Suction control
    Customize your suction power for hard floors, thick carpets, and other surfaces around your home.
  • Works on both carpets and wood/flat floors

This vacuum is on the pricier side but not as expensive as other brands. I was able to get it for half price so it does go on sale. I will say that the vacuum is heavier than others I have had so keep that in mind. It’s not too heavy but might be something to consider if getting for mom. 

This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.


If you ever need to buy real flowers, I can’t say enough about Farmgirl Flowers. Their bouquets are stunning. I have gifted them to people over the years after I received a bouquet. They are just beautiful. They are sure to brighten the day on Mother’s Day. 

This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.

Real Flowers

If your mom is like my mom, she would never want us wasting money on flowers that will eventually die. These faux-vintage peonies are a good option. They are a gift that will keep on giving. They look real and beautiful no matter where you put them. She can use these over and over again. I have these faux flowers and bring them out every spring and summer. They are such a good dupe. 

This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.

Faux Flowers

More ideas for this Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

I shared my love for this budget-friendly steam mop I recently got. I love this thing and it is a great gift idea for mom. Find the post all about it HERE. Another great cleaning tool that I recently bought was a carpet cleaner. I was looking for something that was easy to use and didn’t cost a lot. We have never had a carpet cleaner and now, I am obsessed and grossed out at the same time. I can’t believe how well this thing works! Another great gift idea for mom. You can find the cleaner I got HERE

There are so many ways to celebrate Mom that don’t have to cost a dime.

The gift of time is priceless. Spending time with mom is great but think about doing things for her that will free up some of her time. Then, she can do the things she wants to do instead of things she needs/has to do. 

One way we have done this is to have my mom make a list of things she would like to get done. Then, I coordinated with my sister to have us all go over to her house to get the work done.

If you are looking for some ideas of things that may be on her list, think of things like:

  • cleaning the house
  • landscaping
  • picking up and spreading mulch around the flowers
  • planting flowers
  • small DIY projects (hanging things, fixing something that broke, touching up paint, painting a room, changing light bulbs, etc.)
  • picking up groceries
  • cook meals and fill her freezer with a week’s worth of home-cooked meals
  • moving furniture or deep cleaning things that are hard for her to reach
  • cleaning windows
  • cleaning out the garage or shed
  • bring her favorite coffee order, her favorite meal for a restaurant, or take her out to eat

There are many ways to celebrate mom. It is the thought that counts and just spending some time talking with her can brighten her day. 

I hope this Mother’s Day gift guide has helped you with some ideas for the mother in your life. Maybe, some of these ideas will make it to your wish list as well. Nothing wrong with that!


This Mother's Day gift guide is a full list of gift ideas that Mom is sure to love and wouldn't get for herself.

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