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How To Make Furniture Flips Go Faster

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If you like to flip furniture but wish the makeovers were fast, these tips will show how to make furniture flips go faster with easy changes.

Furniture flips come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is different and each one will take something different to make it over. But, there are things you can do to save a lot of time on your furniture flips. I have been flipping furniture for more than twenty years and there are things I have discovered that save so much time on my furniture flips. I am going to share those with you today so your next flip goes a lot faster for you.

{Affiliate links are used in this post. Click on any of the underlined links to find the products I am talking about. You can read my disclosure HERE.}

How To Make Furniture Flips Go Faster


{Affiliate links are used in this post. Click on any of the underlined links to find the products I am talking about. You can read my disclosure HERE.}

This is the one thing that has been the biggest time-saver for my furniture flips. This product has the primer, paint, and topcoat in one. You only have to worry about one product to do all three things. When you don’t have to worry about three different products, it cuts down on so much time. I have a hard time using anything else now that I see how much time this product alone is saving me. 

scuff sand

  • Do All The Prep Work At Once

Prep work is something you can’t skip. It is the most important part of the makeover. This includes cleaning, repairs, scuff-sanding, removing hardware, etc. If you get this entire process done at once, the project will run smoother and it will go a lot faster. 

  • Keep The Makeover Simple

The simpler the makeover, the faster the project will go. A lot of times, the simpler makeovers are the ones that sell the fastest too (if you are selling your flipped pieces). Makeovers that include a lot of colors, steps, hand-painted details, etc. take a lot more time. If you are selling, they take a certain buyer to want that look so they take longer to sell as well. Keep the makeovers simple to speed up the time it takes to get them done. 

  • Don’t Skip The Cleaning Step

I know I touched on this above, but I need to state this step again because if you skip the cleaning process, you will add a ton of time to your makeover. It is so important that you start every makeover with a good cleaning. If you skip this step, you will have to redo steps as you paint over grease, dirt, dust, etc. The makeover will not look good in the end if you are covering this stuff up with primer, paint, and/or topcoat. If that happens, you have to stop the process, sand everything down, and start over. So much time will be wasted. ALWAYS START EVERY MAKEOVER WITH A GOOD CLEANING! Find out How To Clean A Piece Of Furniture Before Painting HERE.



  • Keep A Stash Of Hardware

This is a tip that I learned quickly when I started flipping furniture. I have grown a large stash of hardware to use on my furniture pieces. Every time I need hardware for a makeover, I can head to this stash. I don’t have to waste time shopping for hardware in a store or waiting for a shipment of hardware to be delivered to our home. Start growing a stash of hardware TODAY. I do this by keeping all the hardware off of every piece I rescue. If I am not going to use the hardware the piece comes with when I make it over, I remove it and keep it. If I find hardware at my local Restore, thrift stores, yard sales, or estate sales, I pick them up. Having a hardware stash is how to make furniture flips go faster.  

If you are looking for even more tips on how to flip furniture, I have a course that teaches everything you need to know to make each makeover successful. Find the information on that HERE

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Which one of these tips are you going to start implementing to make your furniture flips go faster?

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If you like to flip furniture but wish the makeovers were fast, these tips will show how to make furniture flips go faster with easy changes.

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