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DIY Toadstools For The Yard

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We love coming up with easy ways to make our home cozy for us and welcoming for guests. Repurposing has become one of our favorite ways to DIY things for our home and yard. We have saved a ton of money decorating this way and it makes the decor around our home that much more enjoyable because of the time and effort we put into it. These DIY toadstools for our yard were so much fun to make and they were a whimsical addition to our yard for years. 

DIY Toadstools For The Garden

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Matt is the one that takes on all the yard work at our house. He LOVES it. I always give him ideas and he loves to be outside implementing them. When I came up with this idea, he got busy making it a reality.

Supplies For DIY Toadstools:

Wood Bowls

Craft Paint

Craft Pouncer

Logs From Yard

Garden Stakes 


Thompsons Water Seal



Easy DIY Toadstools For The Garden

I found a set of wood bowls at the thrift store and thought they would be so much fun to make into DIY toadstools for the yard. When I turned them over, they looked exactly like the top of toadstools!

To turn the wood bowls into DIY Toadstools, I started with paint. I chose some craft paints that I already had on hand in fun colors. 

After two coats of paint, I added the “spots” of the toadstools with pouncers and white paint. 

Simple Tutorial for DIY Toadstools For The Garden.

The DIY toadstools really start to come to life after the paint and spots. 

To make them toadstools that would stand in the yard, Matt cut birch logs we had in the yard down to the size I wanted them. Then, he drilled holes in the top of the painted wood bowls.  

Easy Repurposed DIY Toadstools For The Garden

To attach the bowls to the logs, he drilled a screw down through the hole he made in the bowl and into the log he held underneath it.

Repurposed DIY Toadstools For The Garden


The DIY toadstools would not stick into the ground this way so we had to add the garden stakes to the bottom of the birch logs. 


Matt screwed a hole into the bottom of the logs and then hammered the stakes into the hole. 

DIY Toadstools For The Garden

DIY Toadstools For The Garden Tutorial

The stake is the part that will get pushed into the ground. We found that is was easiest to attach the bowls to the branches first and then add the stakes. That way, you can stand the branch up when you attach the bowl.

Simple Tutorial for DIY Toadstools For The Garden.

When everything was put together, I sprayed each DIY toadstool with Thompsons Water Seal. This helped the toadstools last over many years and through all weather elements.

These were a fun addition to our yard and they always start a conversation when people see them for the first time. 


If you love to garden or have your yard landscaped and fun, you will love these easy DIY Toadstools For The Garden.

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