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DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

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Spring is right around the corner. Everyone is tired of being cooped up inside and itching for the warmer days when they can get outside to enjoy the weather. Spring also brings about a lot of cleaning! Cleaning the inside and outside of our homes to get them prepared for spring and summer. The old patio furniture gets pulled out and a lot of times, it doesn’t look so pretty. You don’t remember putting it away looking like that, but now that you are getting it out, you can really see that it is in desperate need of a makeover! This DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover is a fun twist on a traditional set and it was another curbside rescue!

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

This curbside rescue came about when our good friends were moving into their new home last year. We went over to see the new home for the first time. As I was getting the tour of the home, I noticed the outdoor furniture sitting at the end of their neighbor’s driveway across the alley. I asked if they had met their neighbor yet. They had, but hadn’t talked to them much. Matt was outside so I told him if he saw the neighbors come outside, ask if they were getting rid of the set.

Guess what?!

They were!!!

I never know when a curbside rescue is going to come about so when I see a good one, I pounce on it.

As we were touring our friends’ new home, we were curbside shopping at their neighbors. Who knew?! Haha! 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

This set was in good condition, but there were some rusty spots, the glass to the table was gone and it didn’t have the cushions. 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

Nothing though that would stop me from rescuing it. 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

For me, the cushions weren’t a big deal. Cushions get gross over time if you don’t take them in and out every day and I pictured this set more sophisticated with reclaimed wood seats. 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

Matt cut reclaimed wood to fit the seats while I gave the iron a good wash and scrubbed it with a wire brush.

Then, I spray painted it with a flat black spray paint. 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

After a really good sanding on the wood, we screw it down to the seats. 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

The table got the same treatment. 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

I had just picked up the outdoor pillows at a yard sale before I found this set. It was like it was meant to be. They were a perfect fit for the chairs and the colors complimented the set beautifully.  

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

This set went to a young couple who had bought their first home. They were super excited to add it to their porch. They said the pillows were the perfect colors for their home and they loved the reclaimed wood. 

DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

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Curbside rescues never get old. When I see a great piece with tons of potential on the curb ready to end up in the landfill, it is like winning the lottery! Bringing these cast away pieces back to life and finding them a new home is so satisfying. Their improved identity makes them ready to take on a new life full of memories their new owners are going to make. Who awesome is that?!

Have you rescued anything from the curb lately? Do you have outdoor furniture that needs a face lift? 

Not ready for an outdoor furniture makeover right now? I found some great options online:


DIY Outdoor Furniture Makeover

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