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My Favorite Dixie Belle Products

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I recently did a Facebook live video sharing my latest Dixie Belle Paint order. During that live video, I was sharing the products I always have inside my order and people were asking me to share a list of my favorite Dixie Belle products. I said that I would put together a blog post with all the products I will always have on hand from Dixie Belle Paint. This is a list of my favorite Dixie Belle products (in no particular order).

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My Favorite Dixie Belle Products

Dixie Belle Paint has amazing products for flipping furniture. I am sharing my favorite Dixie Belle products that I always have on hand.


BOSS is one of the first products I fell in love with from Dixie Belle Paint. It is available in clear, white, and gray. In two coats, BOSS tackles tough stains. It helps eliminate bleed-through and it even masks smoke odors and nicotine smells. It is a “primer” that I will always have on hand. 

Dixie Belle Drop Cloth

Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is a great paint for all your furniture projects. It usually covers in one to two coats. It is a self-leveling, thicker paint. The longer the lid stays off, the thicker it will get. You can add a little water to it to thin it down. If you add too much water, just leave the lid off and it will thicken up. For me. I like to have a continuous spray bottle (linked and talked about below) near me when I am using this paint. Dixie Belle Paint will work for you no matter what kind of paint consistency you like.

 blue spongE

Blue Sponge

My favorite $3 item. The blue sponge. This sponge fits perfectly in my hands. I use it to apply topcoats but you can use it to apply so many things. It enables me to control where the product goes, it gets in all the crevices, and there aren’t any brushstrokes to deal with. I always stock up on these when I make an order.



Dixie Belle glazes come in luminous water-based colors. The glazes can help you come up with different paint colors because they all do something different on different paint colors. Glazes will create “gorgeous decorative finishes such as stippling, burnishing, aging, and color washing.” I love to use darker glazes to deepen or enrichen a paint color. This glaze is so easy to use too. 


The MUD from Dixie Belle is another one of those products I will always have on hand. You can use it to fill veneer, gouges, scrapes, or even holes. I have used it to cover up decorative areas on furniture to give the piece a more streamlined look. It is another product that is easy to use and it is very forgiving. You can’t mess it up. If I were to guess, I probably need to use MUD (in some capacity) in 85% of my projects. It comes in different colors. I usually get the white.

*WARNING: NEVER rinse MUD down your drains. I wipe my plastic putty knife with leftover MUD with a paper towel and throw the paper towel in the garbage. 



Dixie Belle Clear Coat is water-resistant. It can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaner after only 7 days! I love a flat topcoat on most of my projects. It comes in other sheens as well. You apply it in thin layers (I like to apply it with the blue sponge mentioned above in this post). One coat will do amazing but if you think you need a second coat, wait at least one hour before applying the second coat. 

Continuous Fine Mist Spray Bottle

This spray bottle is a game-changer. It makes the paint spread out in a more even layer and reduces brushstrokes. You can see my video of how this works HERE. This is a tool every furniture painter needs on hand. 

Dixie Belle silk

Silk All-In-One Paint

Can we just take a moment for this product? This all-in-one paint is a time saver!! It is a primer, paint, and topcoat all in one can!!! ONE product is all you need. There aren’t as many color choices as the chalk mineral paint but there are still plenty of choices. You don’t want to use the continuous spray bottle with this product. You will find you don’t need to. It is a self-leavening product. You need to wait 4 hours between the first and second coat to make sure it is dry completely.

I am telling you, if you are new to flipping furniture, this is the product I would tell you to try. It is less intimidating when you only need to work with one product. When you are dealing with a different primer, a different paint, and a different topcoat, that can be intimidating. This Silk paint eliminates all of that and gets it done with one product. If you are selling furniture and/or have been flipping for a long time, this Silk line will cut your project time by more than half. If you haven’t tried this paint, I encourage you to give it a try. You will be so happy you did. 

I hope this list helps you narrow down what to get in your next Dixie Belle order. They have so many amazing products. These are just the ones that I will always work with and always have on hand. They are great for different projects and yet all of my projects at the same time. 

If you have any questions, let me know. If you make an order or try something I suggested here, post about it and tag me on Instagram @mycreativedays so I can see it!

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Dixie Belle Paint has amazing products for flipping furniture. I am sharing my favorite Dixie Belle products that I always have on hand.

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