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How To Refresh Your Home

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 I don’t know about you, but after spending so much time at home this last year, I am ready for a refresh in our home. I would love to do a major project, but we have done every room in our home (except the bathroom which we may tackle this year). Even though we have done all the rooms in our home, I still like to find ways to change things up and give the house a different feel by doing some “less invasive” projects. I thought I would share some tips on how to refresh your home that don’t include a contractor, a lot of money, or living through a construction zone to get it.

How To Refresh Your Home In 2021

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How To Refresh Your Home 


I don’t know about you, but my mom used to tell me that you should wash your walls and dust your ceilings. Now, I love a clean house and know that I am a little compulsive about cleaning sometimes, but cleaning the walls? What was she talking about? I knew the ceilings needed dusting (dusting is not my favorite chore), but washing the walls? This all came full circle one day when Matt and I were rearranging some things in our living room. I thought there was something black on the wall and grabbed some supplies to clean it. WHOA! I was blown away.

Literally, both Matt and I couldn’t believe our eyes. After one swipe on the wall, we could totally see that the walls were dirty!!! One black spot turned into cleaning all the walls in our home. The outcome was unbelievable. It looked like we have repainted all the walls. It was so much brighter! If you are thinking about repainting the walls in a room, try washing them first. See if that makes a difference. You have nothing to lose and it might be just the refresh you need without a ton of work, prep or money spend. To see what we used to wash our walls, head to my post HERE.


If there is one thing that makes the biggest difference in our home, it is when I purge all the things we aren’t loving or using anymore. This is something you can tackle in one weekend. (I have shared my tips for getting it done in no time HERE.) I can’t tell you how much lighter the entire house feels after this is done.

Hanging on to too much stuff and storing things you aren’t using adds a lot of “weight” to not only the house but also your mind. Set aside one weekend or break it up into even smaller amounts of time if that is easier and go through the entire house. Clean it out, get rid of the old, donate the excess. You will feel so much better. I promise. 


After a good purge session, it is important to organize what you have left. An organized home is a sanctuary. It functions better and is less stressful. Everything has a place and you don’t have excess to get through to find what you need. I have shared many resources to help you get both the purging and organizing process done. Head HERE to get my 5-day organization guide

How To Refresh Your Home In 2021

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I do not have a green thumb at all. I have killed every plant I have ever tried to bring into our home, but I do think they can refresh a space. If you don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to take care of a plant, add some faux greenery around the house. I like to add a lot of faux greenery into our home in different places.

Gabrielle went to a birthday party pre-Covid and they put together plants in different planters. I am happy to say that this little plant is still alive in the pot she brought it home in. It makes me so proud. I only water it when I think about it, but it is thriving. I love it. Try getting a small plant or faux greenery to add to your home. 


This one is so much fun for me and I really hope you will try it. Pick a room that you want to refresh and remove everything you can from the room. Yes, everything. Take pictures off the wall, roll up the rug, take out the furniture and remove the decor. You want to work with a blank slate. Once everything is cleared out, shop your home. Start with furniture and rugs. Bring those into the room from other places in your home.

Try them out. See how they work. Do the same thing with the artwork and the decor. You will start looking at your home, decor, and furniture in a new way. By just moving things from one room to another, it will make you feel like you had an entire room makeover without spending a dime! It’s one of the easiest ways to refresh a room in 2021.

Cleaning bottles

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I know this isn’t a fun topic, but if you are looking to refresh your home in 2021, this is such an easy way to do it. (And, let’s be honest, our homes really need this from time to time and we keep putting it off). If you are tackling the purging and organized I mentioned earlier, then the deep clean goes hand in hand with that. As I am pulling things out of rooms, drawers, and closets to purge and organize, I give those areas a deep clean before I put anything back in. It is the best way to deep clean and you feel so good when it’s all done.


After you have rearranged what you have and decorated differently with things from different rooms, you may find that you just need a little something to add to the room. I am not saying to go out and buy all new things to refresh your space – NO! You don’t need to do that.

After shopping your home and putting things in different places, it will already feel refreshed. I am talking about maybe buying a new rug to put in front of the kitchen sink. Maybe it is a new vase to add floral too. A new hand towel to hang in the bathroom. Just one thing that will make the space feel totally new after all the rearranging. If it is a decor piece, I would encourage you to head to your local thrift stores to find something unique and fun. To get my best tips for shopping thrift stores to get the best haul, head HERE.

I hope these tips have given you some ideas for how to refresh your home in 2021 without having to hire a contractor, spend a lot of money or live through a construction zone for months. It doesn’t have to be that involved, time-consuming, or cost a lot of money to make your home feel fresh and new. I don’t know about you, but after 2020, I am looking for some refresh around here. 🙂

If you try any of these ideas, post a photo of your space before, after, or during, and tag me @mycreativedays on Instagram! I would love to see it!


How To Refresh Your Home without having to hire a contractor, spending a lot of money, or living through a construction site.

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