DIY Rustic Advent Calendar

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Last year, I made an Advent calendar from a couple of things I found at different yard sales. This year, I was inspired to make a new one. I love finding new ways to create Advent calendars. This DIY Rustic Advent Calendar came together very easily with found items and a little DIY.

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I was inspired to make this Advent calendar by a box of goodies I bought at a church sale. This box of place card holders was 25¢. I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t know what I was going to do with them when I bought them but once I started brainstorming new Advent calendar ideas, I knew exactly what they would become.

(You can find similar holders DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

Somebody hot glued plastic apples to these holders.

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I didn’t think it was going to be hard to take them off, but they were a pain to get off!!!

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

Once I had the apples removed, I spray painted all the holders black. Then, I chose a piece of wood to put them on. (Matt was playing around with his own design idea for this Advent calendar. 🙂 )

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I wanted something simple so I went with five rows of five.

I painted the board a light gray color and distressed it a bit. Then, I attached the place card holders with construction adhesive.

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I made small cones with burlap and hot glue and put them inside the place card holders.

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I love it!!!!

It looks better than I imagined, but then I thought, “What can look bad if you have burlap, old, distressed wood and black accents put together?”

Of course, you can’t have an Advent calendar without numbers, right?

Another church sale to the rescue!

(Have I ever mentioned that church sales are some of my favorite sales to go to?)

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I picked up these numbered tacks at a different church sale. They aren’t tacks, they say “window markers”??? I don’t even know what that is. They looked like tacks and since there were 25 of them, they would be perfect for a Christmas project.

This DIY Rustic Advent Calendar was that project.

(I found some DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I bought DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to have a project come together with different pieces I have picked up here and there. 

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

I put small treats in the calendar for this picture. There will be other things added, but I didn’t want to ruin it for the kids too early.


DIY Rustic Advent Calendar from

The burlap cones are small which is good because I don’t have to fill them with tons of things. That is not the reason for the season. Many of these cones will be filled with little notes of things we will do as a family throughout December (movie night, hot cocoa night, Christmas cookie night, etc.). There will be some treats and small trinkets as well, but I like to keep it simple and more about why we celebrate the most magical time of year.

Do you have an Advent calendar or Christmas countdown? What kinds of things do you put in yours?

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