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50+ Beautiful Plug-In Wall Sconces For Every Budget

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Whenever we have a makeover going on, you will find me online looking for ideas and possibilities for the space. Right now, we are working on our bedroom makeover. It has been so long since we have done anything in our bedroom and it is about time for a change. I want to change almost everything in our room so I am busy browsing all kinds of sites for all kinds of things. Right now, I am looking for plug-in wall sconces to add to the wall above our bed. A few years ago, we made DIY Plug In Wall Sconces for our barn door headboard. I was able to repurpose some thrift store lamps to create sconces for the headboard. They have been amazing!

They give us the reading light that we need at night and yet, they don’t take up any space on the small side tables we have on each side of our bed. It was an easy project that cost us next to nothing, but really changed how we used our room and the space we had in it. 

So, as we started our makeover this time around, I knew I still wanted some kind of wall sconce near the headboard of our bed. I also know that I want plug-in wall sconces because they are easier to install (no electrician needed) and I can move them if I need to and take them with us if we ever move.

Whenever I am browsing for a particular thing like this, I love writing a blog post about what I am finding in hopes to help another person who may be searching for the same thing.

It is so nice to have a place that you can reference and everything you need is in one place.

I have found more than 50 beautiful, plug-in wall sconce options. It is going to be hard for me to choose just one.

Okay, I am done blabbing, let’s get to the sconces! 

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Click on any of the photos below to get more information about that particular wall sconce. Browse around and see which one fits your style and budget best. 

Now that you have seen all of them, which one is your favorite? Which one fits your style the most? 



If you are looking for wall sconces for a space in your home, here are more than 50 beautiful plug-in wall sconces that fit every style and budget.

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