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Tiered Trays That You Can Decorate For Any Occasion

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Tiered trays.

Another one of my obsessions. 

I use tiered trays for all kinds of things. They are so handy to have on hand. I use them for parties, decor, centerpieces, hot cocoa bars, buffet style eating and many other things. They come in different sizes and shapes and have different amount of tiers. I love that they are both pretty and functional. 

Recently, I shared ways to decorate tiered trays for fall on my Facebook page. I added the video tutorial to my YouTube channel HERE. After I shared the tutorial, I got a lot of questions asking where I got the tiered tray. You can find tiered trays in so many places now. I thought it would be beneficial to put some of my favorite tiered trays together in one post so it is easy to find and shop for anyone looking for one. 

When I want to decorate something but don’t want to tear up the entire house and decorate everything, I will grab a tiered tray and start there. It is a small area with different levels that can be decorated in no time. It gives me the decorating fix I need when I don’t have a lot of time or am being lazy about decorating an entire room or bigger space. They are especially fun to decorate and set up for the holidays. Hot cocoa bars, Easter eggs and fall goodies are some of my favorites. 

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I added more than 30 tiered trays to this post. Each and every one of them is great for different reasons. I can see them decorated and used for so many different occasions.

I can’t wait to see which one is your favorite.

Click on any of the photos to find out more about a particular tiered tray.

Now that you have seen them all, which tray is your favorite? What occasion would you use it for first?



You can decorate tiered trays for any season, holiday or occasion. Click over to see more than 30 tiered trays that are perfect options to decorate when a new occasion comes along.

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