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White Decor: Decorate By Color

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There are only two Fridays left in May. That means that after this Decorate by Color post, there will only be one more post in this series. The saying is true…. “time flies when you are having fun”. When I started this series I had no idea I would have so much fun with it. Today, I want to talk about white decor. I could go on and on about white decor. White can be used in any space and in any style home. I think white decor makes a space feel fresh and timeless. Whether you like farmhouse decor or a more modern feel, white decor will win every time.  

I have had so much fun writing each and every one of these decorate by color posts and this white episode could have been a lot longer. I found so many great pieces that I wanted to include, but I chose some staple pieces that most people would have in their home. 

Decorate By Color - Looking for colorful pieces to add to your home? Check out this Decorate By Color Series from My Creative Days.

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Let’s get this decor party started, shall we?

Okay, you can tell that I had a lot of fun with this post. Like I said, I could have added many more pieces, but I didn’t want to make it too long. White comes in so many different shades so you can really find the perfect hue for what your style needs. I also love the mix of different white colors because it adds so much texture and really makes a space have a lot of interest. 

Do you like white decor? Where do you have it in your home? 


 If you love the color white and want to start adding white decor to your home, click over and find some amazing pieces that will add the color to your home.

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