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DIY Halloween Decorations: Paper Lantern Monsters

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Whenever we schedule a party for the kids and their friends, I always start the decorating process by looking through the supplies I already have to see what I can use for the party. Most of the time, I don’t have to spend extra money on decorations, games or activities because I can use what I already have to come up with fun ideas. All year-long, I pick up party decorations and supplies when I find them on clearance. This enables me to save so much money when we entertain. I find that when you know you don’t have to spend a ton of money to entertain, you will find more time to entertain. Today, I am sharing another decoration I made for the Halloween party we threw for the kids and their friends. Like the Honeycomb Bats we made these DIY Halloween Decorations: Paper Lantern Monsters. 

Make DIY Halloween Decorations Easy Paper Lantern Monsters

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Supplies Used To Make DIY Halloween Decorations: Paper Lantern Monsters:

Paper Party Lanterns (Any Color)

Sharpie Markers 

3″ White Color-Coding Sticker Dots

Try These DIY Halloween Decorations Easy Paper Lantern Monsters

The paper lanterns I had on hand were a Target clearance find. They were pink and blue which are great for a birthday party or baby shower, but if you think outside of the box, they are perfect for DIY Halloween Decorations too!

Yes, a Halloween party!

We needed some monster decor for the party so we turned these paper lanterns into monsters.

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations Paper Lantern Monsters

How We Turned These Paper Lanterns Into DIY Halloween Decorations:

I had the kids draw monster eyeballs and mouths on the sticker dots with Sharpie makers.

Simple DIY Halloween Decorations Paper Lantern Monsters

I hot glued the eyes and mouths to the paper lanterns to ensure they would not fall off because we were hanging them outside to welcome our guests to the party.

DIY Halloween Decorations Easy Paper Lantern Monsters

That’s it!

Easiest. Project. Ever!

Pink and blue paper lanterns make the cutest little monsters ever!

Who knew?!

DIY Halloween Decorations Simple Paper Lantern Monsters

DIY Halloween Decorations Cute Paper Lantern Monsters

These DIY Halloween Decorations are a great example of how you can create amazing parties without spending a lot of money. Shop your home and see what supplies you have that you can make over to fit the theme of your party. Also, always browse the clearance aisles in the stores. Keep an open mind and pick up great deals that you know you can repurpose into other uses.

I found some amazing products online to add to your monster party:


Looking for easy ways to create DIY Halloween decorations? These paper lantern monsters are simple to make and make a cute statement at your Halloween party!

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