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Painted and Stained Dresser Transformation

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This Painted and Stained Dresser Transformation was an easy one. It is amazing what some paint, stain, and good sanding can do! 

I picked up this dresser at my local thrift store.


I love this style of dresser. It is stocky. It is substantial. And, it has simple lines. It is a robust piece that makes the transformation very easy to do.

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Supplies Used In This Painted and Stained Dresser Transformation

Sander (use the code “mycreativedays10” to save on your order)

Foam Abrasives

3-in-1 Paint




Just like any piece that I am rescuing to makeover, this piece had some surface issues. The structure was in great shape but I needed to give it a good sanding to get rid of scratches, stains, and discoloration.

I was really hoping I would be able to stain and paint this piece. I love the contrast of paint and stain on furniture and if I could sand down the top and the drawers, they would be beautiful stained. 


To start this makeover, I cleaned the piece well and then I grabbed my Surfprep sander. THIS SANDER IS A GAME-CHANGER. It can be fitted with pads that make going around curves and corners easy to sand.

This was the moment of truth. I needed to see how the piece would sand.


A good sander is worth the investment!

As you can see from the pictures, it was working like a dream on the top and the drawers. I was going to be able to stain those overall. WAHOOOO!

I planned on painting the “shell” of the dresser so I just gave that a quick scuff-sand. You can learn the difference between scuff-sanding and regular sanding in my post HERE

Once the sanding was done, I used a damp cloth and cleaned the entire piece. 

Then, we applied stain on the top and the drawers. I chose the color “Early American”.


As the stain dried on the top and the drawer fronts, I applied paint to the shell of the dresser. 

I chose the color”Endless Shore”.


It is an all-in-one paint with the primer, paint, and topcoat all in one can. It has cut my project time down by more than half. Find all the things I love about this paint in my post HERE.

Look at this Painted and Stained Dresser Transformation!                      

Painted and Stained Dresser Makeover

This piece had all of the original hardware so I was able to put that back on. 

Painted and Stained Dresser Makeover

The paint and stain together really give this piece a great look. 

Painted and Stained Dresser Makeover

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Painted and Stained Dresser Transformation

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