Makeup Organizers: Organize Your Makeup Routine

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.For all of you who have a ton of makeup and are ready to streamline the chaos and get it more organized, I put this makeup organizers post together for you.

I have been working on an organizing challenge for the new year which has brought about many more organizing posts here on My Creative Days. Along with questions about DIY and budget decorating, I get a ton of questions about organizing. A little unknown fact about me was that after college, I put an ad in our local newspaper to help people organize their homes. I love organizing and thought it would be a fun side-hustle for me.

I quickly found out that I couldn’t keep up with that and the full-time job I took after college. After my first few clients, I had to give it up because it was too much with the job too (I often wonder where I would be if I would have kept it going). That didn’t stop me from organizing our home and helping family and friends get organized.  

For a lot of women, makeup can get so overwhelming that it is hard to get ready in the morning. Having too much makeup is not great. It doesn’t last forever and you really only use the products you absolutely love. I want to encourage you to go through all of your makeup. See what you can get rid of and what you can’t live without before deciding on any makeup organizers. The purge process is the hardest. But once you do it, you will find that it will be so much easier to get ready in the morning. 

After you have gone through all of your makeup, take some time to clean your makeup brushes. I posted the easy way to do that HERE.  

Let’s get to the makeup organizers already, shall we?!

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There are so many pretty options for organizing makeup. Once you have gone through your makeup and only have your favorite products left, then choose the organizer. Getting the organizer after you purge will ensure you get the right size. That will help keep those products neat and tidy and easy for you to use them in the morning. 


40+ makeup organizers that will have your makeup in order and make your morning routine fast and easy.

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