Garage Storage: Organize Your Garage

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Garage storage!!! I have been on a roll with organization posts and today, we are talking about garage storage. 

Our garage functions for many things. It is the place we park our two cars, but it is also our work shop when we have projects to complete. Since our garage has a lot of jobs to hold, we have to be persistent about keeping it organized. Some day, we will have a proper work shop for all of our projects, but until then, we have to set up garage storage to do all the things. 

Our garage is an area that gives me anxiety when it isn’t organized. It is also something that has taught me so much about grace and patience, which are things I am constantly working on. I have to give myself grace when the garage is in turmoil from projects I am working on. That is my job and it is what I do to help provide for our family. A mess will happen and things will be out-of-order when I am in a season of creating multiple projects. I also have to have patience in knowing that projects aren’t done and picked up right away. There are often steps and processes with each project that take time. 

For all of these reasons, it is important that our garage stays somewhat organized and tidy so it is easy to work in when we need to. 

I was talking to Matt the other day about taking everything out of our garage and putting it on the driveway and then getting a garage system put in so that everything has a home. We started looking for ideas online and I thought it would be a great post to share with you in case you are thinking about getting your garage more organized.  

Here are some of favorite systems we found while we were browsing for garage storage online:

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Garage Storage: 30+ ways to organize your garage the right way!

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