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20+ Farmhouse Recliner Chairs All Under $600

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Recliner chairs. They get a bad rap. For me, I was dead set against ever having one in my home. Growing up, my dad would sit in his over-stuffed, dark maroon recliner while watching TV. The recliner was hideous, but he loved it. Back then, a lot of people had recliner chairs and I thought they were all hideous. (Does it age me when I start sentences off with, “back then”?) I vowed that I would never have recliner chairs in my house when I grew up.

Fast forward to the present and Matt has said it would be nice to have one while watching games on TV. What?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! We are not going to the dark side. No way. Then, I found myself researching recliner chairs. Y’all, I was blown away! I found so many that I would actually put in our home. Not kidding! I even starting picturing myself curling up in one with a heavy throw and a book. What has gotten into me? While I figure all that out, you must check out these 10 Farmhouse Recliners Under $6000 I found. Stylish and affordable????? Now, things are getting really crazy. 

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I can not believe I am actually writing a post about recliners! Who knew they could be pretty and affordable? The 1o Farmhouse Recliners Under $500 I found floored me! I really am contemplating getting one now. 

Another lesson learned….. Never say, “never”.

Do you have a recliner in your home? Which one on this list is your favorite?



If you are looking for a recliner chairs that have a little more style than the traditional recliner, click over to find more than 20 farmhouse recliner chairs that are all under $600!


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