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Christmas Home Decor From Kirklands

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I want to thank Kirklands for partnering with me on this Christmas Home Decor post.

If you saw my neutral fall home tour, you know that I have really enjoyed Kirklands reopening in our area. Way back in the day, there was a Kirklands in our mall, but it closed. Then, a few years ago, they reopened as a stand alone store and I have enjoyed shopping there again. It was a blast to work with them in the fall so when they asked me back for Christmas, I was eager to get shopping. 

For the past few weeks, I have been a busy little elf setting up the Christmas in our home. Just like the fall decor, I really wanted our Christmas home decor to be neutral. I only wanted to put out things that I absolutely love and that are timeless. 

Let’s start this little Christmas home decor tour at our entry table. 

Christmas Home Decor From Kirklands

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A few months ago, we finished our homemade Advent Calendar and I knew I wanted to set it up here. Once I had that up, I added Christmas home decor all around it. I picked up the “Better Not Pout” sign at Kirklands. Our kids are still young enough to get into the Christmas season so I wanted to make the decor around the Advent calendar fun and kid-approved. Both of our kids thought the sign was funny and a good one to put up.  

After I had the entry table done, I moved on to the hutch in the living room. Like I have said many times, decorating the smaller areas first makes the process easier and not so overwhelming.

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays

I pulled all of the “fall” out of the hutch so I had a blank slate. 

Then, I added the White Mini Berry Wreaths to the bottom doors on the hutch. I picked up these wreaths at Kirklands because I love the green and white together. They are intended to hang on the back of chairs, but you can hang them anywhere! 

Then, it was the fun part. Time to decorate the inside of the hutch.

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays

I kept it neutral and natural with some “fun” added in. The Gray Knit Chevron Christmas Tree Ornament from Kirklands is a bigger sized ornament so I grabbed one so I could use it inside the hutch. I reused the Galvanized Vented Tin Tray that I got from Kirklands for my fall decor inside the hutch for Christmas. That is why I love buying versatile pieces. If I can use pieces throughout many seasons, it is less clutter and stuff that I need to store. 

After the hutch was decorated, I moved on to the green cabinet in the living room.

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays Easily

After we hung the repurposed chairs on the entry wall and I made the square wreaths to hang on them, I love decorating the green cabinet with all of that goodness going on in the background.

I kept the top of the cabinet simple to leave enough room for people to set their drinks down.

I started with the white tray I found on clearance at Kirklands. ( THIS ONE is very similar).

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays

I added the Ombre Bottle Brush Trees to the tray and a couple of ceramic houses and wood beads. That’s all this little cabinet needed. I am still deciding if I want to change-up the wreaths on the chairs on the entry wall, but haven’t made up my mind. I think the White Mini Berry Wreaths from Kirklands would be so pretty on the chairs through. Hmmmm. What do you think? 

I picked up the Galvanized Wall Pocket With Rope because I can use it all year round and I thought it would be the perfect spot to hold all of our the Christmas cardsthis year. I hung it on one of the farmhouse shutters I found last summer. (To read the amazing story about the shutters in our living room, go HERE).

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays Simply

Some greenery fill the pocket until we start getting the cards in the mail.

I reused the Wood Tray With Beaded Handles that I picked up at Kirklands in the fall on the coffee table. I removed the bigger tray I had underneath it and laid a plaid scarf down instead. Then, I added some greenery, faux candles and a ruler star to complete the look. I love this little statement in the living room. 

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays Simply

When I saw the Set of 4 Galvanized Metal Place Cards at Kirklands, I had to have them. Not only will I use them as name cards for holiday dinners, but they are perfect for food and drinks at parties too. Use them on a cheese board to let guests know what cheeses you are serving. Add them to a cocktail bar to show what you are serving. The best use if for a good ol’ hot cocoa bar. The holiday season is always full of little ones who need to warm up after spending some time outside in the cold weather. 

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays

Any excuse I can get to bring out our Santa mugs, I use it. The kids love them and I know they will remember the Santa mugs for years to come.

Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays

Who wouldn’t want to pick their very own Santa at a party?! 

How To Get Your Christmas Home Decor Ready For The Holidays

Hot cocoa stations are something we do a lot of around here during the holidays. Each time, I add different things to the station depending on who is coming. We don’t even have to have company for me to set up a hot cocoa bar. Our kids and the neighborhood kids have been known to find a hot cocoa bar set up in our house while they are outside playing.

It is the small gestures like that that make the holiday season special. Memories are made with little moments like these and I am happy to keep creating them. 

Christmas Home Decor

I am happy to have the Christmas home decor done. I have many more Christmas posts to share, but I feel like I am ahead of the game already. 

When do you start decorating for Christmas? What areas do you decorate first?

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Christmas Home Decor From Kirklands

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