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Nest Bedding Mattress Review

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It has been a couple of months since we started our master bedroom makeover. We still have some things to complete, but we are enjoying it so far. We have also been sleeping in our new mattress from Nest Bedding for over a month. I feel like we have had a good amount of time to form an opinion and finally write the Nest Bedding mattress review to share our experience with the mattress so far. 

A master bedroom makeover to turn our bedroom into a space we can retreat to after a long day. Sources, projects and links included.

Matt and I researched all the mattresses Nest Bedding has to offer and talked about each one in length.

Then, I reached out to customer service, asked some questions and told them what we were looking for and we all came to a conclusion on which mattress would fit our needs. We went with the Alexander Signature Hybrid. This mattress has a “comfort layer”. You unzip the top of the mattress to reveal the patented TitanChill Endurance Foam®. This layer is engineered to bring your body optimal support, with our free exchange program during your 100-night trial to move to a different firmness.

A master bedroom makeover is not complete without a new mattress. We chose the Nest Bedding mattress and this is our Nest Bedding Mattress Review.

Choosing a mattress online and not being able to test it out is a little scary.

But, I also don’t feel like I get a good idea if a mattress is going to work for us by going into a mattress store and laying on different mattresses for two minutes. If we go into a store and lay on a mattress for two minutes, we aren’t getting a good idea of how it will be over time. We have bought many mattresses in stores and by day ten, aren’t happy with them.

There were two factors that made us pull the plug on the Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding. The first factor is that they give you 100 days to actually sleep on the mattress so you can make a much better decision about whether it is going to work for you or not. A hundred days on a mattress versus two minutes. HELLO! A hundred days to get a good feeling of how it is going to be. A hundred days with your sheets, in your room, in the sleeping environment you like, with your pillows, etc. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER! This alone made it easy to go with Nest Bedding. 

When companies stand behind their products like this and let you try it out first to make sure you are comfortable with the product, you know they are confident in what they are doing. That makes me more confident choosing that company.

A master bedroom makeover is not complete without a new mattress. We chose the Nest Bedding mattress and this is our Nest Bedding Mattress Review.

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The other factor that sold us on the Alexander Signature Hybrid was that is came with options. The comfort layer can be “adjusted” at any time. You can see the comfort layer in the picture above. It is a blueish color. The top of the mattress unzips and you can get to this layer easily if you need to. I unboxed the mattress before we had the new bed frame, so when we lifted the mattress to put it on the bed frame, the foam layer needed some adjusting. I unzipped it and Gabrielle crawled in to get it situated. 🙂 

Knowing that we can adjust, take out or add to that layer if our mattress needs change, made us both more confident in this choice. 

To see how the Alexander Signature Hybrid is delivered and how easy it is to set it up, head to my YouTube channel HERE. 

A master bedroom makeover is not complete without a new mattress. We chose the Nest Bedding mattress and this is our Nest Bedding Mattress Review.

After we got the bed set up and put the mattress on the frame, we needed to get a 4″ box spring to raise the mattress a little bit. The one we bought on Amazon is amazing. It was a cinch to set up and worked like a charm! You can see how easy it was to set up on my YouTube channel HERE

A master bedroom makeover is not complete without a new mattress. We chose the Nest Bedding mattress and this is our Nest Bedding Mattress Review.

After some time on the mattress, the new pillows I had bought before the pandemic hit were not working.

My neck was hurting every morning. I reached out to Nest Bedding to see if it was the mattress and to see if I needed to change the comfort layer. They were amazing and so helpful! They asked about positions Matt and I slept in, what our height and weight were and some other questions so they could give us the best answer. After we talked, they thought it was the pillows I was using. So, I got one of the Easy Breather pillows and one of the Easy Breather Side Sleeper pillow to try out. 

side sleeper pillow

I am a side sleeper. Matt sleeps on his side, his back and his stomach.

When I opened the side sleeper pillow, I was curious. The shape of the pillow was interesting and I was a little skeptical. 

side sleeper pillow

You guys!!! This pillow is amazing. The shape is perfect for my sleep positions. I just put a regular pillow case on it and I situate it so I kind of goes around my neck as I sleep. It has made the world of difference in my neck pain in the morning. I have slept on my neck wrong, but I was waking up most mornings with neck pain. I assumed it was the mattress. DUH. Didn’t even think of the pillows. HAHA. 

So, I have come to the conclusion that when you get a nice mattress, it is important to think about your pillows as well.

The mattress we had before wasn’t great. This new mattress offers so much more support and comfort that the pillows we had just weren’t adding the same comfort and support for me. Matt wasn’t bothered and didn’t have any neck issues, but I was waking up with neck pain a lot of mornings. It was the pillows!!! 

side sleeper pillow

Matt and I both think the other pillow was a little too high and “dense” (if I can use that to describe a pillow) for our liking. BUT…… Nest Bedding thought about that too. They had us covered. Read this:

“We use only the best materials when crafting our Easy Breather Pillows. Wrapped in a eco-friendly Tencel® blended cover, gives you a soft and conforming feel. Then it is filled with a shredded CertiPUR-US® certified foam fill for low chemical off-gassing and low scent. Sleep easy knowing your on the best of the best! Do you prefer another height for your new Easy Breather Pillow? No Worries! We have designed our pillows to be adjusted to your comfort preference. Simply unzip the end of your Easy Breather pillow and by removing a few hand fulls of the foam fill, you can change the height and comfort level of your pillow. Save your foam fill for later just in case you would like to adjust your pillow again”.

Of course they would think of that and give you options with the pillows as well. We took out some of the fill and we love it now! For me, having options is a big deal when I am ordering things online before I can test them out. 

Since I have shared the new mattress, I have been getting some questions about it. I didn’t want to answer them until we had some time on the mattress and felt like we could give some honest answers. 

FAQ’s For The Alexander Signature Hybrid:

  • Does a mattress in a box come out right after you open it?

This is the most amazing thing about the whole “mattress in a box” phenomenon. It really works! You can check out my unboxing of this mattress HERE. Once it forms to the size, it stays that way. You don’t have to worry about it. I don’t know what magic they use to get mattresses (even king size like we got) into the boxes, but it is pretty amazing and so convenient.

  • Do you get hot sleeping on the mattress?

Neither one of us have been hot on this mattress. I sleep with pajama pants all year round and an extra blanket. I am always cold. Matt doesn’t like extra blankets and could never sleep with pajama pants on. He likes to sleep with just the top sheet on. During the colder months, he may add the comforter as well. Any extra blankets that I try to sneak into the bed are always put on me. Neither one of us has complaints about the temperature of the mattress or our temperature while sleeping on it.

  • Does the mattress move on your side if Matt is rolling over or moving?

This was one feature that I wasn’t expecting, but that I have really enjoyed. The mattress doesn’t move at all when someone moves in the bed. The mattresses that we have had in the past always moved. If Matt got up, my side would move. This mattress doesn’t do that. Just the other night, I was situating the pillows and blankets after I was done reading and I stopped because I noticed that the mattress wasn’t moving at all. It is hard to explain. It is just a good, solid mattress.

  • What was the deciding factor to get this mattress?

I talked about this above. The two deciding factors were the 100 day trial and the options the mattress gave us.

  • Was there a smell on the mattress when you got it out of the box?

I have heard that some mattresses that come in a box come have a smell that lasts a while. I did not notice a smell with this mattress. 

  • Did you have to get special fitted sheets for it?

I have been buying deep fitted pocket sheets for many years. They fit the mattresses better and we aren’t fighting with them all the time. I talked about the sheets we are loving in our bedroom makeover post HERE

  • Is the mattress firm or soft?

This is a great question and one Matt and I talked about before we got this mattress. We didn’t want a really firm mattress and we didn’t want a super soft and squishy mattress. The Alexander Signature Hybrid gave us the option to change it if we needed. If we thought it was too firm or too soft, we have the option of changing the foam layer. To answer the question about the mattress as it comes…. it is a firm mattress that is soft on top. I don’t know if that makes sense, but like I said earlier, it is a solid mattress at its base. The top layer is soft, but it isn’t like we are sinking down into it at all. 

So far, we really like the mattress. It is very comfortable and we haven’t talked about needing to change the comfort layer. Nest Bedding has many mattress options. If you are in the market for a new mattress, I would recommend Nest Bedding. You will find what you need and their customer service is top notch. 

If you have any other questions about the mattress, please leave it in the comments below. I know that buying a mattress online can be intimidating, so I would love to help if I can. 


A master bedroom makeover is not complete without a new mattress. We chose the Nest Bedding mattress and this is our Nest Bedding Mattress Review.

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