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How To Pick The Right Hardware For Every Project

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I want to thank Hickory Hardware for partnering with me on this “How To Pick The Right Hardware” post. All opinions of their amazing hardware are my own. 

If you struggle with choosing hardware, the tips in this post will show you how to pick the right hardware for every project and space in your home.

How To Pick The Right Hardware For Every Project

Matt and I have done so many projects over the years that has included hardware. We have done furniture pieces, repurposed projects, home decor and cabinets. Initially, how to pick the right hardware could be stressful, but since we have done it so much, I have learned some tips and tricks that makes the process so much easier.

Hardware comes in all shapes and sizes and can be very overwhelming – even paralyzing to make a decision. It doesn’t have to be that way. I am going to share some ways to narrow the choices and get the perfect hardware for your project.

How To Pick The Right Hardware For Every Project

Cavalier Pull

How To Pick The Right Hardware For Every Project: 

Compare With Old Hardware: If the project that you are working on had hardware to start with, take note of the size and shape of that hardware. Did it fit the project well? Was it something someone just put on there to make it functional? Do you like the color? Do you like the finish? What about the size? Does it fit the piece right? One thing to take into account when replacing hardware that was already there is the holes that are there. Do you want to create new holes or do you think you can work with them if you just got new hardware.

A lot of times, Matt and I will try to fit the new hardware into the holes that are already there. This has been extremely important with the flip house kitchen. I did not want to go through the hassle of drilling new holes, filling out holes and trying to fit new hardware on the cabinet just right. The size of the old pulls was perfect, but they were so outdated. We needed to find something new in the same size. We are always thankful when a project has existing hardware because it gives us a place to start from. 

Black Cabinet Hardware In Flip Kitchen

Williamsburg Pull

The Color: 

One of the easiest places to start in choosing new hardware is the color. When you know what color and finish you want the hardware to be in, that narrows down your search immensely. Hickory Hardware has so many beautiful colors and finishes to choose from. If you know the size and the color, you can filter your search on their site to only show you the hardware that fits within those boundaries so it is not so overwhelming. 

How To Pick The Right Hardware For Every Project

Bridges Pull

The Feel Of The Pulls:

I think a lot of people forget this, but it is so important. Whenever you are putting hardware on any project, feel the hardware and see how you like the fit in your hands and for the project. Put different hardware on your project and open the drawers or the doors. Does it feel too small? Too big? You may love the color, the size and the look of a cabinet pull, but when you go to open a kitchen cabinet door and the pull feels too small or too big, it just won’t be right. You want the hardware you choose to be both pretty and functional. It has to work for you. Don’t skip this step. It may not seem like it would make a difference, but you will be surprised how different hardware feels and how different hardware needs to be for different projects. 

Black Cabinet Hardware In Flip Kitchen

Manor House Pull

How Does It Look On The Project:

I think that a project or a space in your home can look totally different with hardware alone. When you are trying different hardware, make sure to step back and really get a look at what they look like on the project. Hardware that you think is the right size and color may look totally different once you get it on. Step back and get a really good look at it. 

How To Pick The Right Hardware For Every Project

The Look & Feel Of The Entire Project:

What is the look and feel you are going for in the space or on the project you are using the hardware on? This can help so much when deciding on which hardware will work best for it. If you can narrow down the final design and what your end goals are in the project, the hardware should fall in line with that end result. If you wanted a chippy, farmhouse look, then you know you shouldn’t choose modern hardware. Again, Hickory Hardware 

Black Cabinet Hardware In Flip Kitchen

Forge Pull

I tried many different pulls on the kitchen cabinets in the flip house. I wanted to show different choices so I could really show you how different hardware looks and feels for this post. When I write the post with the kitchen reveal, I will share which pulls I decided to go with in the flip house. 

It was fun getting the different hardware for this post and being able to share the tips I have learned in choosing hardware. After I painted the kitchen cabinets at the flip house, I used every single one of these tips to narrow down the search for the right hardware. I can’t wait to get the rest of the kitchen together to reveal it with you all!

Stay tuned! We are so close to getting it done! 

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How To Pick The Right Hardware For Every Project

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