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Faux Fur Throws For Every Budget

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Faux fur throws can really add a lot of coziness to the space you put it in. They are great at the end of a bed. They make a cozy statement over a chair or the sofa in the living room and they scream, “WRAP UP IN ME” when they are piled in a basket on the floor.

Faux fur throws come in all shapes and sized. The color options are amazing and the price points are all over the place. For this post, I wanted to add a little bit of everything so you had a great assortment to choose from.

We don’t have any faux fur throws in our home right now, but after the research for this post, I am all on board to find one that fits our style and needs perfectly. Our daughter, Gabrielle has a couple of throws that are similar to a couple I chose for this post in her room. To be honest, they are the ones I grab when I climb into her bed to have girl talk, read together or just to snuggle.

Whenever I see these throws in store, I always walk up to them to feel them. They are always so cozy and soft. Perfect for the chilly seasons we are coming in to.  

You will find all kinds of faux fur throws below. All you have to do is click on the photo to find out more information for each throw. 

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Now that you have seen all of them, which faux fur throw in your favorite? Which one can you see in your home right now? Where would you put it?


If you are looking for faux fur throws to put in your home, click over to find more than 25 faux fur throws for every budget.

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