25 Beautiful Faux Farmhouse Pumpkins

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As a blogger, I have to start certain projects and decorating EARLY! It is the beginning of September and I am already planning Christmas projects and decor. It is a little crazy how early things roll around, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love what I do and pushing my creativity is always a good thing. For fall, I can’t always find real pumpkins at the end of summer when I am posting about the season so I have to rely on faux pumpkins. Good faux pumpkins are hard to find. A lot of times when I find them, they are so “faux” that they don’t even look like pumpkins. Do you know what I mean? After a lot of browsing online, I have compiled a list of 25 Faux Farmhouse Pumpkins that are beautiful and actually look like the real thing. 

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To find out about each pumpkin, click on the photo. 

Faux pumpkins are always a good investment because they last forever. If I find them at yard sales, thrift stores or at the end of season clearance, I pick them up. Finding them that way is hit and miss. I have not been lucky finding them that way. I am usually picking up faux pumpkins that I have to bring home and paint or change in some way so they fit with my fall decor better.

With these faux farmhouse pumpkins, you will never have to do that. They will make you happy every year when you pull them out.

I hope this post helped you find the perfect faux pumpkins for your decor so you don’t have to waste countless hours browsing for them online or hunting for them in stores.

Do you use faux pumpkins in your fall decorating? Where do you find them? 



Finding Faux Farmhouse Pumpkins is hard, but these 25 25 Beautiful Faux Farmhouse Pumpkins are beautiful and will fit with any fall decor style.

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