Green Furniture Makeovers

These green furniture makeovers will give some inspiration if green is your next makeover color.

There are so many shades of green and different applications and techniques that can make a green paint color look different than what it does in the can.

In this post, I am sharing 15 green makeovers that I have done over the years.

A good minty green is so fun! This little cabinet was completely transformed by this happy color alone.

The green furniture makeover below is such a pretty color on its own. It is cheerful but also has some depth to it. Whenever I use it, I always get asked what color it is.

As soon as I applied the paint to the table below, I fell in love. It needed nothing else.

Green can be subtle. The green furniture makeover below gives you just a hint of the color in a very subtle way. It is one of my favorite shades of green.

The deep tone of the green furniture makeover below is so rich and gorgeous. It is a color I grab a lot when I am making over furniture.

The green color was under layers of paint. It was a happy surprise. I couldn't cover it up. 

Find the other green furniture makeovers and the paint colors I used on each one on my blog.