How To Purge & Organize Sentimental Items

We all have items that hold some sentimental value.  When those sentimental items start commanding so much space in our homes and we don’t know how to get rid of them and/or organize them, we run into problems.

#1 Thing to Know - The “sentiment” is not in the thing itself.

Allow yourself one small box or tote for sentimental items you can’t part with. Let me repeat – ONE. SMALL. BOX.

The sentiment itself can’t be purged or organized. You get to keep that for as long as you want to remember it. It will always be there to grab when you need it.

Sentimental items look different for every person.

To some people, it is old letters and photographs. For others, it is furniture and collections that past relatives had.

Whatever the sentimental items are, how to purge and organize sentimental items is the same.

How To Purge Sentimental Items

Sentimental items should give you peace, happy thoughts, and great memories.

I created a FREE guide that will help you purge sentimental items.

Using the guide will make sure you are only keeping those items that really hold something special for you.

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