5 Ways To Simplify Your Laundry Routine

I am sharing 5 ways to simplify your laundry routine so it isn't a stressful chore and you can take back time in your week.

Dear Laundry, 

We love you. You make our clothes clean and smellin' good. You are the reason we love to jump into bed after the sheets get cleaned. We look forward to hanging our clothes and linens on the line on a warm, summer day because of you. There are so many wonderful things about you, but you are the one chore that wears on us because you are never complete. You take up too much of our time and we are ready to take that time back.

These Changes Will Make Laundry Easier And Not So Time Consuming. 

1. One Load A Day

2. Everyone Chips In

3. Supplies Handy

4. Multiple Hampers

5. Don't Separate Too Much

Learn more about these tips and how to implement them into your laundry routine on my blog post!