The first blog post is my story of how The Creative Squad came to life. I thought it would be best to share with you where I started and how I got here… The second blog is about how I created The Creative Squad from an idea and a lot of faith!

After I decided that I wanted to make The Creative Squad a reality and help as many people as possible, I started getting a TON of questions about flipping furniture and how to get started. I decided to answer those frequently asked questions here:

After I opened the membership and found my ‘Founding Members’ to get The Creative Squad off the ground, I decided it was time to find some INVALUABLE things to offer the squad. I asked myself how I could offer them EVERYTHING while providing different viewpoints and strategies. This is how the Guest Spotlight came about!

I decided that bringing in Guest Speakers/Artists/Painters would be PERFECT! Each speaker will offer something different and the experience would be great for both the Guest Speakers and The Squad.

To learn more about the Guest Spotlight Application, check out this post:

My passion is helping Creatives! -Lindsay

Here Are Some Projects We Discuss More In-Depth In The Creative Squad:

Elizabeth’s Story
“When I began following My Creative Days last year, I was just beginning my dream of starting a furniture business. My artistic skills were rusty, but I was inspired by Lindsay’s talents and social media presence. She makes it look so easy! So I signed up for a local painting workshop, bought some items to paint. rented a booth in a local antique mall and started a Facebook business page.

Then I realized that I knew next to nothing about expanding my audience on social media and needed a successful mentor for help in growing my business. The Creative Squad was a perfect fit!

The Creative Squad has helped me in so many ways. If I have a question, all I have to do is ask. Lindsay posts a Creative Calendar to help us with ideas for social media engagement and videos each week on relevant topics. There have been so many helpful hints that I never would have thought about!

Being an actively involved member of The Creative Squad has been totally worth it. My business is growing and I continually learn something new. I am motivated daily by the support of Lindsay and other group members. I highly recommend The Creative Squad to anyone who wants to learn more – creatively or professionally.”

-Monica Bishop