We are so excited to have you as a guest spotlight feature inside The Creative Squad!

This squad is eager to learn and we know you will be amazing.

A few quick reminders as you prepare for your assigned month:

As the guest spotlight for the month you have the opportunity to share the following:

– Affiliate Links to products you use

– Your Social Media Links / Website

– Promote any 1-1 Coaching Offers (If Applicable)

– A unique tip, trick, technique or fact about your business. (Something of value to the squad)

– Your Story / How your business came about

– Your biggest struggle along the way

– Your inspiration

– Your advice

– Your favorite social media platform

Really anything that would be of value to the squad…


Here is an example of the content we will be sharing during your monthly spotlight based off the information gathered in your application: 


In return for being a guest spotlight you will be: 

  • Able to promote your business and social media accounts
  • Featured on my social media which reaches more than 200,000 people
  • Able to share your affiliate links for products you use
  • Given 30 days inside the membership for free, after that we offer you a discounted rate of $20/month if you would like to stay in the group and continue your membership. This community is all about growth, so we want to continue to help you promote your business. 
  • Provided a ‘free trial code’ to share with your followers. This free trial can be used during the month of your feature so your followers can join you inside the group.

Please Note: **We do ask that you promote your Guest Spotlight Feature on your social media and newsletter platforms.**

**If creating a video:

  • Make sure there is NO MUSIC in the background. If there is music, we can run into copyright issues with Facebook.
  • Try not to move the camera around a lot. There are times when you want to give a closer look at something or detail about something which is fine, but moving it around more than that can be distracting.
  • Make sure the camera is pointing to where you are working. We want to see the application on your project so make sure the camera is in view of the project and not the side or back of you.
  • Have all the supplies you need to share the project near you before you start.
  • Have your project set up and ready to go before hitting record or going live.
  • Don’t chew gum.
  • Keep the focus on the project at hand and the tips, techniques, and supplies you use and love to complete the projects you do.  
  • Be sure you have good lighting. Natural light is always best, but interior lighting and/or light kits work fine when natural light isn’t an option.



  • The week prior to your Guest Spotlight, please request to join our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mcdcreativesquad 
    • You’ll be let into the group the last day of the prior month, and removed on the first day of the next month.
  • You have access to post any time during the month, go live, share a video, share a PDF, post a question.  If you are unsure about something you would like to share please reach out via email before you post it! lindsay@mycreativedays.com 

If you realize you are not able to fulfill your commitment as a Guest Spotlight, please email us ASAP at lindsay@mycreativedays.com so we can fill your spot. 

Thanks so much for sharing your talent with the group. I can’t wait for your Guest Spotlight! 

*I do reserve the right to cancel a spotlight or alter a video if I feel it is not in accordance with any of the above rules. I also feel a responsibility to my members to value their time and only provide material that I see fit. Therefore, if your spotlight is canceled, or we have to alter the video, we will notify you but we are not required to provide a reason.*