Easy Valentine Decoration

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What an easy valentine decoration! I had to share it with you.

I am all about finding inexpensive ways to decorate for all the holidays. I don’t have tons of Valentine’s Day decorations, but each year, I try to find ways to bring a little pink, red and white into our home. This year, I bought a few packages of red paper decorations after Christmas for 25¢. Since they were red, I knew I could do something with them for Valentine’s Day. I also picked up a package of 24 pink, valentine, lace hearts at the Dollar Tree.

Easy Valentine Decoration mycreativedays.com

I put the red decorations together and then glued a pink heart in the center of each of them. Easy Valentine Decoration mycreativedays.com For a total of $3 (and about ten minutes), I was able to get six valentine decorations to hang in our front window. Easy peasy! Easy Valentine Decoration mycreativedays.com

These really make a big impact in our window. Every day, it is looking more and more like a festive valentine home around here. :-)

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